Property Management Guarantees

The goal of any property manager is to offer their respective landlords reliability, transparency, and excellent service. But how can the average property manager achieve this? It is simple, by providing property management guarantees with their services.

At Anchor Real Estate, we understand how hard it is to choose a property manager for your property. We offer our clients high-quality service for their rental and back it up with our various service guarantees.

For us at Anchor Real Estate, the happiness and satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. This article describes our top five (5) property management guarantees.

1. Pay for Performance

Yes, we don't get paid until we produce results! At Anchor Real Estate, we ensure that your tenants pay their rent, and pay them on-time.

We do not get payment until we place a qualified tenant into your property and only after they pay their rent. Our Paid Performance Guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that we are working hard for you.

2. Prompt Payment Guarantee

We process all rent payments immediately. Our owners are paid within 10 business days of receipt of the rent. We understand your need to meet your own mortgage obligations and how our efficient processing of the payment impacts that. If there is more than 10 busines day delay on our part, we will manage the property for free that month.

3. Response Guarantee

We understand the importance of communication between property managers, landlords, and tenants. We added a Response Guarantee to the list of our service guarantees.

Whenever you reach out to us before 3pm, they are sure of receiving prompt attention that same day. If you contact us after 3pm, we will contact you as soon as possible, but guarantee to return your call before noon the next business day.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee

We call it the "Love us or Leave us" guarantee. If you are not pleased with our performance, you are free to end your service agreement with us.

5. 3-Weeks to Lease Guarantee

Anchor Real Estate guarantees we will rent your property within 21 days of posting the listing. In a nutshell, we assure you that we'll place a tenant in your home within 21 days.

If we fail to do so, you will receive one month of our management service for free. This guarantee applies to properties that follow Anchor's terms and condition.

Final Thoughts

A good property manager offers not only management service, but also guarantees their commitment to improving your property. For us, our goal is to exceed your expectations and we are able to do this by offering you a service guarantee. Each of our guarantees comes with specific terms and conditions, contact us for more information.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us today to learn more about our real estate and property management service.

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