4 Tenant Inspections That Protect Your Rental Property

Did you know that Anchor Real Estate Property Management is committed to consistent and thorough tenant inspections? In this video, we’re going to look at the four types of routine tenant inspections we perform here at Anchor Real Estate. We’ll find out why these are important and how they can give you peace of mind when renting out your property.

Move-In, Safety, And Maintenance Inspections

Our four tenant inspections include the move-in inspection, the safety and maintenance inspection, the move-out inspection, and periodic drive-by inspections of the property. Your move-in inspection is the most important inspection, as it establishes the baseline for the property during the time the tenant and our company agree on the condition of the property.

The tenants have a short period to identify any issues with the home and have those issues addressed. Once that period is over, the tenant is expected to maintain the integrity of your home. The safety and maintenance inspection takes place every six months. This is the company's opportunity to inspect the property for any issues with the safety and livability of the home.

During this routine inspection, we check air filters and smoke alarms. We also make sure that the tenant is following the lease in regards to approved pets, occupants, and maintaining the home as outlined in the lease.

Move-Out And Drive-By Inspections

The move-out inspection is particularly important to us to document any discrepancies in the condition of your home. According to the North Carolina landlord-tenant laws, we must have reasonable calls to withhold a tenant security deposit.

During this move-out inspection, we identify any changes in the condition of the property and determine who is responsible for those particular charges. We maintain excellent records and take dozens of photos to ensure that we can justify any deductions from the tenant security deposit.

The last inspection that we perform is a drive-by inspection. We periodically drive by our properties to ensure that the exteriors of the homes are being appropriately maintained. We know that you took pride in your home while you lived there, and we want to ensure that the tenant is doing the same. During these drive-by inspections, we verify that the yard is being maintained, that there aren't any disabled vehicles in the driveway, and that the exterior of the property is being well taken care of.

We’re Here To Help

We know how important your investment is to you and your family, and it's our responsibility to help you maintain that. These four tenant inspections are the way we do so. If you're interested in learning more about our property management services, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

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