How can I submit a rental application?

Applications are completed electronically through our portal. All prospective tenants 18 years and older are required to complete a background check. Click Here

Is it possible to apply for a property that I haven't viewed?

The property must be viewed by you, or someone in your absence if you are not in the area. These rules may change depending on COVID and other regulatory guidelines. Check with us for the latest regulations.

How can I visit a property?

Call us directly and we will quickly arrange a property viewing.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Yes, a signed lease is a requirement, as it outlines expectations, regulations, and fees. The majority of our properties come with a 12-month lease. The lease states the responsibilities of both sides covering the whole tenancy period.

What is your security deposit policy?

Security deposit amounts are set by the owners, but ultimately governed by NC law (not to exceed two months rent). In most cases, security deposits are equal to one month’s rent. Owners may require additional deposits or fees for a variety of reasons, most frequently the risk due to credit concerns.

How do the rent payments work?

Your rent is due on the first day of every month, payable through our portal. Late fees and other costs are outlined in the lease agreement.

When do you increase the rent?

Rent increases usually happen after the lease term expiration, based on the property owner's requests and relevant market conditions.

What could I do to waive the late rent fees?

We are not able to waive any late rent fees. Our late charge policy complies with Fair Housing Laws and is outlined in the lease agreement.

What happens if I can't pay the rent on time?

Be proactive! Call us immediately so we can notify the owner and work with you to keep your account current.

Am I allowed to have a roommate?

Roommate arrangements require owner approval. If the owner allows roommates, every roommate is required to apply and be approved. It is best to call our office and ask about a roommate situation before applying for a property.

What kind of situations are emergencies?

Emergencies threaten human lives and/or cause property damage. For example, a burst pipe flooding the home and a broken heater during the cold season are definitely emergencies.

What's the pet policy?

Pet policies are specific to each property determined by the owner and their insurance company. Your approved pet must be listed in the lease agreement. If you wish to add another pet to the lease, please call our office first. We will process every request separately depending on the lease terms.

If you have unauthorized pets in the house, the pet fee will be charged as well as the fee for having unauthorized pets as outlined in the lease agreement.

Can I change the locks?

Yes, you can change the locks however you are required to secure written permission prior to the work being done. We also require two copies of the new key to be retained at our office. Changing the locks, and key copies are at the tenant’s expense.

Can managers and staff enter my home when I'm not there?

If there's a need to enter the property, we'll notify you beforehand. There are many possible reasons for the entrance of managers or staff. For example, landlords may enter the home for emergency repairs. Regular maintenance is preferably carried out when a tenant is home. We will provide 24 hour notice unless there is a safety/wellbeing concern.

Do I need renters insurance?

Yes, all the tenants are required to have renters insurance before moving in. You have to provide a copy of your renters insurance declaration with a minimum of $300,000 liability before getting the keys.