Property management companies provide helpful services that can benefit you as an investment owner. With a knowledgeable legal repertoire and team of professionals, all the weight of property management can be taken off your shoulders!

However, choosing the right property management company can set the tone for everything regarding your investments' future success. It's important that when considering various teams, you make sure to note how they prioritize their clients' rental businesses and what their past as a property management company looks like.

Taking the time to find the right property management company for your investment is crucial in avoiding issues that can arise. We at Anchor Real Estate only strive to be the best we can to support your real estate investments in reaching their fullest potential. We believe that against many other property management companies, we are committed to your business and investment success.

To find the single biggest complaint about property management, we went through thousands of property management reviews. By sharing this with you, you will be better equipped to make the right choice of property management company. Afterwards, we will show you how we shift the property management experience.

Biggest Complaint About Property Management Companies

The single biggest complaint homeowners and tenants have with property managers is the lack of communication. Over and over again, we saw reviews that said:

  • Homeowners struggled to get the management company on the phone.
  • Messages were never returned.
  • Inspections were not performed as agreed.
  • Homeowners cited having to go directly to the tenants to have problems solved.

A largely crucial factor that plays into how well property management will be conducted is whether or not good communication is valued.

When tenants are left to their own devices because of unanswered maintenance and repair requests, and homeowners are left hanging when they have questions about their property manager's services, solid communication is abandoned.

This complaint made up the majority of negative reviews clients had about their property managers.

What Anchor Real Estate Does Differently

At Anchor Real Estate, we are obsessed with your real estate experience, and that means buying, selling, and managing your property.

Your house is your most valued asset and we here to ensure it is managed in a professional, competent manner. Many homeowners feel they are only paying a property manager to collect the rent.

Property management is so much more than just collecting the rent. As a high-performance property manager, Anchor Real Estate is committed to preserving the integrity of your investment.

Three Ways We Are Committed to Raising the Bar

Our team at Anchor Real Estate provides services that will best serve you in a way that shows our dedication and responsibility for your investment properties. Our strategies include:

1. Priority on Communication Between Us and You

All communications to Anchor Real Estate, Property Management received before 3pm are guaranteed to be returned the same business day.

2. Scheduling Property Inspections

Scheduled inspection reports are provided to the homeowner within 3 business days of the inspection being completed.

3. Technology to Improve Property Management

We use a user-friendly management system that allows both owners and tenants 24-hour access to your accounts. We offer individual trainings with each owner to ensure you know how to use the software, giving you access to what's going on with rent payments, maintenance requests, and property inspections in real time.

Combining our commitment to excellence with state-of-the-art technology, we are entering the market to change the way real estate is done in our area. If we can help with any of your needs, including managing your property, let us at Anchor Real Estate know by contacting us today. We are here to help.