How long does it take to start managing the property?

We will be ready within the first 24 hours after signing the contract.

How long does it take to find tenants?

Our goal is to find suitable tenants as soon as possible. In order to do this, we use various advertising platforms. Although speed to find a tenant is important, this is paired with appreciation for identifying the best tenant candidate for your home. This will help ensure your property, which is such a huge financial asset, is cared for appropriately.

How do the application fees work?

Application fees are used to pay for comprehensive background checks for prospective tenants. These checks include credit, criminal and eviction history. Also included are reference checks, proof of employment and rate of pay.

What is the process of determining my property's rent?

We'll use practical tools and result-oriented strategies to determine the proper rent. Among other practices, we conduct deep research and market comparisons. All the gathered knowledge allows us to create highly competitive rent prices.

How do you collect the rent?

Rent payments are paid through Buildium, a property management portal used for a variety of purposes, including rent payments, owner draws, work order process, etc.

I prefer direct deposits. Is it possible?

Our owner draws are paid through electronic fund transfer, directly into your account of choice.

Do you screen tenants?

Yes, we screen all the prospective tenants. The screening process covers a variety of evaluations. These include criminal history, credit checks, eviction history and employment verification. These screening evaluations have been chosen to lower the risk of admitting problematic tenants.

Can I keep my current insurance?

You will need to contact your current insurance company and notify them you now have a rental property. Before starting to manage your property, we need to see proof of your landlord insurance policy.

Please Note: Homeowners insurance on your primary residence and Rental Property Insurance are not the same.
Your insurance will not cover the tenants' personal belongings. That's why all our renters need to have adequate renters insurance. This greatly helps to solve emergency issues.

What does my tenant have to do before the move-in?

First, your tenant needs to successfully get through the screening process. When that goes well, they are obligated to pay the full security deposit. Also, they will get an appointment to sign the lease agreement. They need to read through the legal document and agree with all the terms.

Sometimes there are extra fees involved. In this case, they need to settle all of these things when signing the agreement.

Tenants must also secure $300,000 in personal liability insurance, with proof of insurance held on file.

How will my tenant be cleared from their lease?

When your tenant moves out, we inspect the property's condition thoroughly and record it on our inspection program, Happy Inspector. Results of the inspection are provided to the owner. Fees assessed to the tenant are withheld from the security deposit and the remainder of the deposit returned to the tenant.

What kind of inspections do you conduct?

We do move-in and move-out inspections. Inside and outside inspections are completed every six months, with random drive-by inspections. This way you can ensure the property remains in good condition.

How are the utilities organized?

When tenants move into your property, they are instructed to transfer utilities to their name, unless other payment methods are required by the HOA/neighborhood.

What if my tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

Our lease agreements contain strict rules about rent payment delays and failures. Late fees are charged following and in compliance with their lease.

What's the policy for property damage?

We will repair all damage using our professional partners. Before the repairs begin, we'll inform you about the details. When we get your permission, we'll begin the work at the earliest time possible. All maintenance and unexpected repairs are done using high-quality vendors at their best price. Emergency repairs will be completed to ensure the safety of tenants and protect your property.

Which reports can I access?

You are able to access a multitude of reports when you use our owner portal. These reports include, but are not limited to, regular statements for income and expenses, previous inspections, and all pertinent tax documents.

Is it a good idea to welcome pets?

Allowing pets isn't something you are obliged to do. However, you should keep in mind that being too strict could cost you a considerable amount of prospects.

What is your smoking policy?

We forbid smoking in all the rental properties. If we find evidence of smoking, the tenants will be billed for any relevant damages.

Does hiring a property manager lead to loss of all control?

No, property management means that you can still have a say in every decision that is made. Also, you can choose the level of how much you want to be involved in smaller-scale choices.