Anchor Real Estate provides a quality of service that can’t be found elsewhere Onslow County. With our experience and friendly service, we can be your anchor. We’re a family owned and operated business. We’ve been living and working in the area for more than a decade. You can count on us to be here for years to come.

We excel in every aspect of property management. We use technology to help your property investment run smoothly. We always train owners in how to use the property management software we provide to let you check your investment on your own schedule.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to learn more about the services we can provide to help you achieve your dreams in Onslow County.

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How Anchor Can Help You

There are plenty of problems self-managed property owners can run into. It can be difficult to track down delayed or missing rental payments. Another big time drain can be lease violations. It can be hard to make sure you’re following Landlord-Tenant laws in North Carolina.

One problem can lead to another if your rental properties aren’t running smoothly. At Anchor, we avoid property management problems by working only with the best people. We insist on clear communication every step of the way. Here are some of the ways we help our clients succeed.

Avoiding Vacancies

It’s a drain on your investment when your units sit vacant. You’ll still have to pay taxes and bills, without the rental income you need to succeed.

That’s why we’re so focused on making sure your units don’t sit vacant. We start with our professional marketing of your rental property. We highlight your property’s unique features to give you a leg up on other listings in the area.

We’ll also work to ensure your turnover rate is low. We’ll help you keep your tenants long term by responding quickly to their questions and concerns. We conduct timely maintenance and treat your renters like family.

Screening Tenants

Screening tenants is a tricky aspect of self-managing a rental property. Every tenant has a different background. Renters can have different ideas of what respectful renting means. At Anchor, we’ll use our proven tenant screening methods to find responsible tenants. We’re focused on finding tenants who pay rent on time and treat your property well.

We start with an initial screening process. We’ll check applicants’ credit, criminal, and eviction histories. Next, we’ll present you with candidates to choose from. You’ll be able to determine which candidates you’re likely to have a good relationship with.

Collecting Rent

Under the best of circumstances, rent collection involves careful bookkeeping and planning. In negative cases, it can involve reminding tenants their rent is late and tracking down missing payments.

At Anchor, we make rent collection easy. We enforce strict late and missing payment policies outlined in our leases. Tenants can pay rent easily online by clicking a simple link. You’ll receive payments through the same system. No more complicated payment services. Your payments will show up automatically online, where you’ll be able to track them with ease.

Maintaining Your Property

Proper upkeep and maintenance are essential to any a successful rental property. When maintenance work is slow or shoddy, it can create a chain reaction ending with unhappy tenants.

No property owner wants to wait around for repair requests. That’s why we work only with our trusted local vendors who have a proven record of conducting maintenance quickly and on budget.

Providing Financial Reports

We’ll handle every aspect of managing your rental property with professionalism and skill. However, you’ll still want to be able to monitor your investment whenever you want. You’ll also want to be fully up to date if any changes need to be made.

That’s why we’ll set you up with a user-friendly online management system. You’ll have access to your rent payments, property inspections, and maintenance requests whenever you want. State-of-the-art online services for our clients is just another way we’re raising the bar for property management in the area.
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The Anchor Advantage

We’re committed to bringing all of our clients personalized, professional property management services. As a family owned and operated company, we always go out of our way to treat the property owners we serve like family, too.

We’ve heard from our clients that other North Carolina-based property management companies felt more like rent collection agencies. These companies provided none of the personal connection or care you’d hope for in the handling of your most valued asset. At Anchor, we know that effective property management is about so much more than rent collection. We’ll be there every step of the way in our mission to change the way property management is conducted in the area.

investment property selling north carolina

The Anchor advantage is based on transparency. By setting up clear expectations and goals, we’ll work to ensure your investment goals are met. All communications you send our way before 3pm on weekdays will be returned the same day, guaranteed. Our scheduled inspection reports will always be sent to you within three days. You’ll have access to these reports and more at any time online.

At Anchor, we know that you want property management that treats your property like the precious investment it is. That’s why we insist on a standard of such high performance. We’ll elevate your property and put you on the path towards achieving your real estate dreams.